Certified Nursing Assistant Training Classes

If you want to undergo the fastest training program in this field, then you should consider visiting various community, state and private universities in your area.cna training classes

You should consider taking part in niche specific programs since this will allow you to become a certified nursing assistant faster than those who are undecided.  Keep in mind, that various courses throughout this niche allow flexibility so you can work during the program.

If you do not want to participate in lengthy programs, then research and you may find fast training classes.  These classes are usually offered by adult learning centers and community colleges.  You can complete these programs in just a short period of time, usually within 6-12 weeks based on the program’s intensity and the number of hours that you spend every week attending classes.  Just make sure that you keep in mind that fast-paced classes are costlier than regular, longer classes.  Be advised that there are also programs and classes that you can take up online.

If you are planning to obtain a certification, then it is important to understand that the training programs for this usually take around two to six months based on the number of class hours per week. These programs are also available at hospitals, universities, technical schools and community colleges.  If you plan to complete the certification in the fastest possible time, then you should consider looking for programs that require daily class attendance.

Classes are mandated to include 150 hours of total minimum training time. These courses can be taken at many state approved facilities, care centers, schools and establishments within the state. It is also possible sometimes to take the program at your place of employment if approved by the state beforehand. Your training hours may be separated into a hundred hours in practical training at a licensed facility and 50 hours at the class. You may be required to meet physical nursing aide requirements and criminal background clearance when you enroll. Furthermore, students may have to have obtained at least 6 hours of credit from a nursing assistant schooling graduation course and be certified to provide CPR.

CNA courses will be based on a range of state approved subjects such as infection control, using equipment in the medical field, preparing patient meals and status reports, communication among peers and patients, abuse recognition, establishing and promoting independence among the residents, proficiency in the medical language as well as monitoring patient vitals, fluid intakes and mental state.

Graduates of the training programs are considered eligible to take the State Nurse Assistant Certification Examination. The exam is contracted by the state to Pro-metric services. The exam can be taken at any approved testing site as listed on the website. An application to test will be required as well as proof of identity, proof of completed training and all the related fees. The exam is issued by a computer and includes a written test that can be taken orally if the test taker is not English proficient and a practical show of skills. The computer based test is graded electronically and is either pass or fail based on a percentage gotten correct out of 60 questions. The practical examination is based on nurse aide skills from 5 areas. Scoring for the practical portion is calculated by the test giver and all skills must be a hundred percent accurate for passing. The certification comes when the test taker has accomplished passing scores on both the exams.

Salary And Study Loans.

An yearly average wage of $19,000 to $36,500 may be expected according to location and skill level. In addition to a decent wage, there is a predicted growth of 21.7% for the CNA position over the next decade.

If you are planning to take up CNA or EMT training, but you do not have enough funds to support this goal yet, then you should search institutions that offer student loans to those who want to complete a certification course.  You should check out different colleges to learn more about any financial aid and/or loan programs they may offer.  It should also be noted that your local government is capable of providing loans to aspiring and deserving students.  Lastly, you can also visit banks and other lenders to search for additional ideas about the various student loans they offer.