Pharmacy Technician Salary

It is important that in every career you perform the necessary research to have at least a basic understanding of how much you will earn in the short and long term of any field.  Yes, salary is very important!  And every job has a list of skills and responsibilities that determine how much one should earn.


The 3 Factors

Pharmacy technician salary is calculated by 3 factors:  experience, education, and job demand.  In some cases, there may be additional job responsibilities and skills needed, thereby increasing a pharmacy technician salary above the national average.

Pharmacy technicians are people trained in pharmacy handling. They have all the skills necessary to handle a pharmacy but are not qualified to work as a pharmacist. They work with pharmacists and customers, handling prescriptions, patient records, and medication. A pharmacy technician fills out prescriptions by weighing, counting, and measuring medications as required.

Most pharmacy technicians spend their time behind the counter of a pharmacy, dealing with the day to day requirements in fulfilling customer’s requests.  Oftentimes, they are also expected to carry-in or move heavy boxes, ladders, and other containers that are delivered to the pharmacy. A pharmacy technician can be a single employee in a small pharmacy or part of a team of technicians in larger pharmacies.

Overall, working under the direct supervision of a Pharmacist, a Pharmacy Technician assists the Pharmacist in the daily tasks of servicing patients. Their many duties can range from billing and crediting patients, record keeping, and interpreting prescriptions.  The more education and experience the higher the Pharmacy Technician Salary.


Salary Stats

The national salary can range anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000 per year*. Additionally, salaries can increase or decrease by the size of the pharmacy and the list of job responsibilities.  The more responsibilities you have as a pharmacy technician the higher the salary.  Taking the time to become a certified pharmacy technician will also increase salary.

The highest paying sectors are in fields related to research and government where salaries can reach upwards of $40,000 or more per year*. Training can take anywhere from six months to 2 years varying by location and program requirements.  A degree or certification is not mandatory but having either will significantly increase your Pharmacy Technician Salary.

Pharmacy Technicians also earn benefits such as 401k, paid sick leave, insurance and educational reimbursement.  Participation in the medical field is rapidly increasing due to an aging population and medical discoveries whereby research institutions are reaping the benefits.  Educational prerequisites include a high school diploma or equivalent and training from an accredited vocational school or college.

Although a Pharmacy Technician salary is important, the clients health, well being and level of trust is beyond compare and will play a significant role in the success of your career.


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